Director Parnab Mukherjee
Image: Director Parnab Mukherjee

Waiting for O’Neill

How does one evaluate Parnab Mukherjee’s ‘trans-creation’ of the Eugene O’ Neill oddity, ‘Hughie’?

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Siddhartha Art Gallery Team
Image: Siddhartha Art Gallery Team

Retrospectives on modern Nepal

Anyone who goes to this retrospective will quickly dismiss any suggestion that Nepali art is a second-rate derivation of Western stylistics.

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Review: Khagendra Lamichhane’s Peeda Geet

Besides the usual requirements of a successful theatre production, the solo performance presents the actor with a specific set of challenges. How does he convey the nuances of an interaction when half of the dialogue isn’t heard? What does he do to convey the particulars of a story when the other characters aren’t seen? Or, [...]

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