The 2013 SAARC Festival of Literature

The first inkling I had that the SAARC Festival of Literature was not quite what a gathering of self-proclaimed “mad dreamers” suggested was on the bus from Delhi to Agra. A veteran of several editions gave way to my questioning and conceded it wasn’t “serious”. The second was when I pushed my way through the scrum at the Grand Hotel’s reception to find, to my chagrin, that delegates had been paired off, two a bed. Was this about fostering good neighbourly relations? The third reminder came when the next morning, the obligatory Sufi performer began, “Since this is a Sufi festival…” Festival Directrice Ajeet Cour, best known for the 1985 novel Khanabadosh, corrected him, “This is not a Sufi festival!”

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Jhapa’s Literary Rising

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  • Wednesday, March 13, 2013
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Kala Sahitya Utsav – 2069, the first major literary gathering outside Kathmandu, came to a close on Monday, 12th March, 2013, in Kakarbhitta, after what has been three days of engaging discussions on numerous literary, cultural and sociopolitical issues.

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A Litfest in the Mofussil

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  • Monday, March 11, 2013
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A Literature Festival in the border town of Kakarbhitta is celebrated as a new dawn in the Nepali literary landscape. La.Lit was there observing as Nepali writers shared their thoughts and ideas in a part of the country long neglected by Kathmandu.

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I.B. Rai photo - Kishor K. Sharma
Image: I.B. Rai photo - Kishor K. Sharma

Review: Not all fun and games

Āja Ramitā Cha, by Indra Bahadur Rai, Sajha Prakashan, 2011 (1964) There’s a moment in Indra Bahadur Rai’s Darjeeling saga Āja Ramitā Cha (1964) when a teacher remarks, “We say Nepal-Nepal, as for Nepal…” There’s truth in the charge that the Nepali diaspora, and its cultural influence, has been neglected by those ensconced in the [...]

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