Global Translation Rights Catalogue, 2017
Image: Global Translation Rights Catalogue, 2017

JLF 2017 Diary: Tales of Tongues

  • Yukta Bajracharya
  • Thursday, January 19, 2017
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My tongue didn’t have a mind of its own. It had already become accustomed to life in exile, and it didn’t think much of returning home.

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Kamal Mani Dixit
Image: Kamal Mani Dixit

An interview with Kamal Mani Dixit, 1962

Kamal Dixit passed away on December 29, 2016 at his residence in Patan Dhoka. He was 87 years old. This is a translation by Niranjan Kunwar of an article from Uttam Kunwar’s anthology of interviews, Srasta ra Sahitya (Authors and Literature).

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Farewell, O Momo of Meat
Image: Farewell, O Momo of Meat

A tale of two momos

Was it conceivable that I was leaving behind a world of cold cuts, fiery chwoela, crunchy sekuwa, tangy drumsticks, juicy steaks and unbeatable dalbhatmasu?

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Dalit counterpublic

The photographic exhibition Dalit: A Quest for Dignity, on at Patan Museum till November 26, brings much of our country’s exploitative history into focus.

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