“It’s like a time bomb: when will it explode?”

I meet Pasang in the restaurant of a central neighbourhood in Kathmandu. Waiters running up and down with iced water pitchers and coffee pots don’t distract us at all from our conversation. He’s careful about who might be listening but only at the end of the interview does he realize he forgot to turn off his phone, which could have been tracked.

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Nepali Writing in English: An interview with Pramod Mishra, 2004

  • Pramod Mishra
  • Sunday, December 8, 2013
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Can you talk about the situation of English in Nepal? Let me relate an incident from my childhood in order to answer this complex question. I was in Class Four in the sixties in a village primary school in Morang when the SLC-Fail headmaster (at least that’s what we were told about his admirable qualification [...]

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“We need a new discourse”

Kantipur Kurakani “NC-UML must engage in a new discourse” November 23 With the announcement of elections for Nepal’s second Constituent Assembly (mandated to write a constitution), election constituency Kathmandu-4 was in the spotlight – charismatic youth leader Gagan Thapa (Nepali Congress) going head-to-head with Nanda Kishore Pun (“Pasang”), the erstwhile commander of the People’s Liberation [...]

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There is a walk on the street by Sujan Chitrakar
Image: There is a walk on the street by Sujan Chitrakar

Coaxing the muses: An interview with Sujan Chitrakar

It was a pleasant September evening. The sun was setting and the lights around Thamel were starting to flicker. We came upon Sujan Chitrakar in front of a small thangka store, and interrupted his perusal of an intricately designed Mandala. One thing led to another, hours were adjusted and soon enough we were sipping some

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