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  • Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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La.Lit is a literary magazine that celebrates the beauty of writing. We believe in the power of stories to change people’s lives, and feature original and translated fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; photography and graphic art; and exclusive interviews and news from the world of literature. We publish in English and Nepali, but welcome translations from other languages. We aim to bring contemporary achievements in world literature to Nepal and, equally, take Nepali and South Asian literature to the world.

La.Lit welcomes submissions from all over the universe and in whatever tongue you communicate in. The basic criterion is that your material, as per the collective judgment of our editorial team, has quality or relevance or preferably, a combination of both.

We will consider for publication on www.lalitmag.com fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photo stories, and graphic stories. Longer pieces may be considered for serialization. Though we are for the moment operating in English and Nepali, we are open to providing a platform for original and translated work in all languages.

For uncommissioned long-form journalistic pieces, we would ask that you submit a brief pitch outlining your topic, the themes to be addressed, and the form of the proposed story.

Please send your contributions or queries to editor@lalitmag.com. Submissions should be sent in accessible format (if a text submission, in Microsoft Word) by email.

La.Lit is staffed by editors volunteering their time for the love of literature. Funds to pay writers are limited to that provided to facilitate long-form journalism, but we will ensure payment for those selected for our occasional print editions. Come join our literary yatra!

Editorial Team


Rabi Thapa

Assistant Editors

Itisha Giri

Niranjan Kunwar

Pranab Man Singh

Pranaya Rana

Prawin Adhikari

Contributing Editors

Rajani Thapa

Shlesha Thapaliya

Smriti Ravindra


Tuan Dinh

Ubahang Limbu


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