On being visible

Drawing the limits means excluding something which is seen as outside the valid order. This space in-between, this empty space that opens up between inside and outside, between the included and the excluded, tells as much about a society itself as it tells about its values. A society establishes and preserves its values through the [...]

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What Nepal should really learn from Tibet’s development

  • Tara Green
  • Thursday, August 7, 2014
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The article by Chet Nath Acharya, published in Nepali in the Annapurna Post on July 6, 2014, and translated into English and made available on, depicted Tibet as a paradise of progress and comfort, and suggested Nepal has much to learn from China’s development policies there. But the comparison is flawed from the outset. [...]

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tsewang lama

A place called home

Blink and you’ll miss it – KU Art+Design’s week-long exhibition at the Nepal Art Council in Babar Mahal is the creative explosion of a generation of graduates from Kathmandu University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts, and unless you’re one of those hapless fools tasked to “draft” our constitution down the road, I’d recommend getting there by [...]

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Narendra Mainali (From La.Lit Vol. 1)
Image: Narendra Mainali (From La.Lit Vol. 1)

Daddy Wears White

Daddy Wears White After letting the receiver hang Precariously from the table You had gone up to the roof I had already seen the watery edges Before I heard the echoing question on the phone The last time you cried, I pointed at the stars And said “Look, everyone we love, takes our pictures from [...]

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Should We Not Learn from Tibet?

  • Chet Nath Acharya
  • Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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Nearly a thousand kilometres of the Nepalese border to the north abuts China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. There is direct air and land transportation between Tibet and Nepal, which have been trading with each other for thousands of years. Tibet’s remote geographical makeup and its large desert plateau and high altitude present far more challenges to [...]

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