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Burden of proof

  • Rakesh Chaudhary
  • Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Sexual violence against women has reached epidemic levels in the Tarai. According to Nepal Police records, the number of rape cases reported at police stations has increased in the last three years from 481 in 2011 to 677 in 2013. Higher awareness among women has helped in bringing more cases to light. But as Chandra [...]

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Tom'sLaunch 160

रोमान्चक शहरको मौलिक इतिहास

  • नयन पी सिन्धुलीय
  • Saturday, September 6, 2014
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काठमाडौं, लेखक – थोमस बेल, रेन्डम हाउस इन्डिया, ४६३ पृष्ठ विश्वविद्यालयमा इतिहासको अध्ययन सकी बेलायतबाट नेपाल बरालिएका थोमस बेलले लगभग एक दशकमा काठमाडौं र नेपाललाई अत्यन्त नजिकबाट देखे-भोगेका छन् । यसैहप्ता विमोचित पहिलो आलेखात्मक पुस्तक ‘काठमाडौँ’ मार्फत बेलले यो अत्यन्त रोमान्चक तर विरोधाभासपूर्ण कर्मथलोको बिल्कुल मौलिक र ऐतिहासिक अन्वेषण सार्बजनिक गरेका छन् । बेलायती अखबारहरूका लागि स्वतन्त्र पत्रकारिता गर्दै [...]

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Sweet Home Whackmando

Oh, no it’s Him! Behold the Benevolent Butcher: Here to collect his dues. He beckons me kindly to open the door. He tries to seduce me with a Holy Verse from the Holy Book. But I see the bloodied cimeter with which he intends to smite me. I also spot his ravenous hound, the bastard [...]

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Purohitghat sattal, photographed 17 January 1983, Architecture of the Newars
Image: Purohitghat sattal, photographed 17 January 1983, Architecture of the Newars

Whose art is it anyway?

The sattal at Purohitghat by the Bagmati river is located on a long stretch of stepped embankment that did not start to be architecturally articulated before the 1790s. The sattal at Purohitghat was one of the smaller endowments, but probably the most fascinating one. The baluster columns and the cusped arches of the arcade follow [...]

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Review: Downtown Restaurant, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

The sun rose slightly earlier than the day before. The sun rose like rose concrete. The sun came up like a smoke alarm over Kathmandu which was already half-awake and blowing steam. It was a usual morning. I got up, I made coffee, I took a shower, I used a bar of soap with seabuckthorn [...]

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