Narendra Mainali (From La.Lit Vol. 1)
Image: Narendra Mainali (From La.Lit Vol. 1)

Daddy Wears White

Daddy Wears White After letting the receiver hang Precariously from the table You had gone up to the roof I had already seen the watery edges Before I heard the echoing question on the phone The last time you cried, I pointed at the stars And said “Look, everyone we love, takes our pictures from [...]

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Should We Not Learn from Tibet?

  • Chet Nath Acharya
  • Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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Nearly a thousand kilometers of the Nepalese border to the north abuts China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. There is direct air and land transportation between Tibet and Nepal, which have been trading with each other for thousands of years. Tibet’s remote geographical makeup and its large desert plateau and high altitude present far more challenges to [...]

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jail bars

Who will repay the loan?

Jugal Malāh from Mahottari District, Matihani – 1, had done nothing wrong. He had been making a living as a day labourer when misfortune struck his life like a thunderbolt. He was arrested and kept in jail simply because his name matched that of an accused from a robbery case that took place 15 years [...]

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No sky from this hotel room

Love is the huge suffering that grows and grows within you like cancer when the one you love isn’t within your reach. Sometimes it’s not even about physical reach, but just a deep longing that makes us miss people, even when they are close enough to touch.

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Damodar Pudasaini ‘Kishor’ honored with the 2013 Uttam Shanti Puraskar

“Qatar workers who have left with MRPs – stories of their pain and grief – are also included in a creative, poetic way,” said Professor Rajendra Subedi while introducing Damodar Pudasaini ‘Kishor’s Nametiyeka Chitraharu (Unerased Pictures), which was granted the 2013 Uttam Shanti Puraskar on 26 May, 2014, in a small ceremony in Kathmandu. Nametiyeka [...]

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