Poetry, picked

Poem of the Day A few years ago, my husband and I shared a flat in London with my brother and sister. On some kind of quest for self-improvement, we decided that we should all read more poetry. In order to force the issue, I started writing down one poem a day on a piece of paper and sticking it to [...]

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Two poems: Manu Manjil and Momila

  In our continuing celebration of poetry this week, we bring to you two gems from the very first print volume of La.Lit, by highly regarded Nepali poets Manu Manjil and Momila.   एक योद्धा आफ्ना  नानीहरुसित मनु मन्जिल   आज म अत्याधिक कोमल छु रेसम, कपास, भुवा… यस्तै केही छु बेस्सरी छोयौ कि म [...]

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Brave new world

Many Nepalis put great stock in bravery, seeing no irony in praising the bloodlust of Gurkhas in the same breath as they claim for themselves the apostle of non-violence, Gautam Buddha. Yet there is no braver feat, perhaps, than coming to terms with a new reality, and embracing it not wholeheartedly, but thoughtfully. In this [...]

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World Poetry What?

All Nepalis are poets at heart. How could they not be, living in this terrible contusion of the sublime and the second-rate? So every day is poetry day in Nepal, even if someone, somewhere, deemed 21 March to be World Poetry Day and we feel bad we missed it. We’ll make up for it. To [...]

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Nasala Chitrakar and Malashree Suvedi
Image: Nasala Chitrakar and Malashree Suvedi

Writing haikus in Jhapa

  • Nasala Chitrakar
  • Sunday, March 15, 2015
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On 20 February this year, the eighth-grade students of East Horizon English Higher Secondary School in Jhapa found their language teacher, Rekha Ma’am, seated amongst them. That day, our team of four weary Word Warriors was taking on her role. After 16 long hours on a night bus from Kathmandu, we decided to throw our [...]

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